[Gist]: 5 Things You Should Never Search On Google (Must Read)

5 Things You Should Never Search On Google (Must Read)

It is quite easy to spiral down a dark hole when it comes to searching for things on Google, but there is a need for you to skip certain keywords to stay out of trouble. Here are five things you should never search in Google, if you are keen about Internet safety.
  1. Skin conditions
Wondering what that new blemish on your face is? Avoid checking “round, reddish mole” on Google. It will only bring you a whole lot of information and images that relay some pretty disgusting things.
Instead, make an appointment with a dermatologist to get the best information and treatment available for the condition you’re suffering from.
2. Worms
If you are looking for the best worms to populate your garden, you will have to be VERY specific with your Google search, otherwise, you’re going to get back some creepy, crawly and totally disturbing images and information.
3.  Any Thing You Don’t Want To See On Internet Ads
It could be that you want to search about something related to diaper rash and an ointment to alleviate it, but the minute you Google it, be ready for what you didn’t bargain for.
Chances are, every time you open up a page online, there will be an ad for said diaper rash ointment for weeks to come.
4.  Anything That’s Going To Embarrass You
We all have embarrassing inquiries, but if you’re concerned that some of those things you want to know could be used against you, say, in a political race, then it’s best not to search Google for it!
Even if you permanently delete your search, you’re out of luck. Some computer wizards are able to gather the online habits of people without their knowledge, as well as the private web history of prominent public figures, including judges and politicians.
Besides that, you really don’t want ads popping up for those embarrassing inquiries, especially when you are surfing the net; and your boss or loved one is lurking over your shoulder.
5.  Anything Incriminating
If it’s against the law, you’re probably not going to want to Google it—especially considering what the security experts can do. It is now a common occurrence for computers to be analyzed along with telephones and for all social media to be interrogated.
It is almost commonplace for there to be reference to at least one of these in any serious trial.

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