The polytechnic Ibadan : shocking!!!GAS EXPLOSION AT BLOCK B, ROOM 30 IN OLORI HALL OF RESIDENCE.

A gas cooking cylinder exploded at Block B, Room 30 in Olori Hall of residence on Tuesday, 2nd April, 2019.
The victim, Titilayo, from Insurance department was reported to have set her room on fire around 2:30 pm consequence of the negligence in the use of a leaking cooking burner.
Our correspondence at the Olori Hall of residence gathered it that there was a particular gas cooking cylinder which was beside another gas cooking cylinder with a damaged burner. Immediately, they opened the lock on the gas cooking cylinder, there was gas leakage, then the other gas cooking cylinder exploded and began to burn. As a result of this, the room occupant, Miss Titilayo, went out to shout while their neighbours all rushed into the room to her rescue.
Her roommate said, I once told her not to use that burner again, that it’s not good.

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