[Gospel music] Joshua Sampson-From Day 1

Joshua Sampson returns with a brand new single titled, FROM DAY 1.
Joshua Effiong Sampson is an indigene of Mbukwa, Itumbonuso, in Ini Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. He is the first child of his parent (Mr. and Mrs. Effiong Sampson), a family of six.
Joshua Sampson is a gospel music artist, song writer, a strong vocalist, a drama director and generally good in acting. Joshua Sampson started his music career from his village church as a chorister, he wrote his first song in the bush (Cocoa farm) titled “I am calling you”, he also wrote another song for a wedding ceremony of one of his village pastor titled My source of life.
Before Joshua left to serve Nigeria for national Youth Services Corps (NYSC), he also produce one of his first single track title “Ubong Abasi”.
After NYSC, Joshua Sampson has produced (8th) eight additional tracts making it a full album of a total of nine songs, but decides to give the album name as “FINAL WORD”.
The songs range as follows:
• Final word, from day one, friend indeed, join the angles, I am not a mad man, I live because of you and Ubong abasi.
• All this songs are so inspirational and spirit lifting.
• Amongst all, “From day one” is the most inspirational.
“From day one” is a product gotten from my past and daily personal experiences with god.
I call it romantic love song for my creator.
it is a testimonial song for god, he delivered me from dearth immediately after my primary school from a river in my town after drinking water to a point of dearth, I call on his name in my mind, then i ask him a question that i will never forget “if I was created to die inside water, he should let me die, but if not, he should save me.
This is from my heart, this song is actually going to bless someone out there………
Play this song, share it, it will actually give you reasons to thank God for your past.
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