Exquisitely successful life of Kika Osunde

Exquisitely successful life of Kika Aderonke Osunde

Authentic, diligent and vivacious. That is Kika Aderonke Osunde. Born in Hampstead, North West London Kika Osunde or better known as @kikagoodhair is a British/Nigerian beauty, fashion, and luxury influencer as well as a fierce hair-entrepreneur and restauranteur. Best known for her authenticity, impeccable sense of style, beauty regimes and aspirational lifestyle as well as her charitable work, with a career over a decade Kika has two successful enterprises@goodhairltd and @brassandcopperofficial under her wing.

Kika garnered significant experience within the hair and beauty industry by opening up her own salon and hair extensions brand in London in the late 2000’s – before it had become a worldwide trend. Transforming a small brand into a global fashion force by restructuring the business and focusing on social media engagement and innovation. 

 As part of her efforts to recast the enterprise as an "aspirational company for all" after years of positioning the brand for a specific clientele, this allowed Kika to move into territories that she’s always thrived in, which is being for her people. Her unique way of connecting and interacting directly with the community has positioned Kika as being a brand within itself that connects the people.

Kika has had the opportunity to grace the covers of magazines such as ‘Forbes Africa’ and ‘TW magazine’, featured in newspapers such as ‘The Guardian’ and ‘This Day’ and has won several awards, namely ‘Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year’, ‘The Most Enterprising Female In Nigeria’, ‘The Best Hair Brand', United Nations 'Humanitarian Award' and 7 other awards recognising her achievements in entrepreneurship and philanthropy at such a young age.

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