Creative Vixstory Launches ‘I Am Not My Trauma’

 Creative Vixstory Launches ‘I Am Not My Trauma’

An Emotive Factual Docu-Series Exploring What It Feels Like To Experience Racism In The USA and

'I Am Not My Trauma', available on YouTube: Tuesday 23rd November 2021

The ‘I Am Not My Trauma’ Factual docu-series is focused on changing the narrative on racism towards black people; changing the collective stories we tell ourselves, in order to facilitate the change, we want to see for ourselves. Using a shared interpretation of how racism works through lived experiences, ‘I Am Not My Trauma’, shines a lens on a diverse set of individuals with unique, yet parallel stories, told in both the USA and UK.

Racism is arguably a social construct with an age-long myriad of ‘issues’ that are intergenerational and nuanced; ‘I Am Not My Trauma’, aims to bring a deeper awareness to our ‘truths’ and what it feels like to experience trauma as a direct effect of racism. Moreover, inform what can be done with that knowledge and understanding, in order to create new norms that support and dismantle stereotypes, steeped in negative difference:

"We tapped into their honest truths. What or who inspired them? Most importantly, how do they get this far in life in the system that was never built with them in mind? The thing that we rarely see is what happens behind closed doors, the contributors at their most vulnerable, the hours of contemplation, the fear, joy and struggle that comes with being black. It was amazing to be a fly on the wall to get these moments of thought and the rapid excitement in moments of inspiration. A lot of people believe that being black does not come with a job of its own."

                                                                                                 ‘I Am Not My Trauma’ Spokesperson

With eight unique narratives, each film takes the viewer on a journey through compelling accounts that detail self-reflection and critical challenge. ‘I Am Not My Trauma’ depicts a no holds barred reality, with influence at its core. The authentic stories told are not in vain, they serve as a means to an end in the enduring quest to bring sustainable solutions to the fore.

Are we part of the solution or part of the problem when it comes to racism? ‘I Am Not My Trauma’ implores wider Society to start a reflective and frank conversation with self: Have my words and or actions either directly or indirectly affected black individuals? What is black trauma? What are the signs of black trauma? Have I caused and / or added to their trauma? How have I conducted myself in the past? How will I conduct myself in the future? What steps can I take as an individual to better implement strategies and processes that help and not hinder black individuals? We can all start there.

An absolute must-see, ‘I Am Not My Trauma’ brings a distinctive style and approach depicted through honest reflection, education, knowledge sharing and solution-based perspectives from the USA and UK. A collective intention that bridges the gap between international experiences, serving to illustrate, irrespective of one's birth nation, each race has a role to play in making the change towards racial equity... A small victory in the fight against racism.

 "One voice told through many stories"
                                                                  Victoria Osayanetin Oshodin

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