LEAKED AUDIO: Mathias Ezeaku Ejiofo the blackmailler exposed plot against Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin (Watch Video)

Enugu based prophet, Festus Onyebuchi has blasted a purported founder of humanity movement, Mathias Ezeaku Ejiofor over plots against the founder of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, billionaire prophet, Jeremiah Fufeyin.
Mathias Ejiofor, who reportedly called himself the leader of humanity religion, had purportedly sent messages across to his supposed followers to blackmail Fufeyin saying he was attempting to take his life.
In a video made available on the internet, a number of his follower had made video warning Fufeyin to stay clear from Matthias Ejiofor while adding that Ejiofor was their leader and have been saving their lives. 
Recall that Popular Nigerian actress, Chinwe Owoh was among many Nigerians, who had taken to social media to carpet a critic of Fufeyin and Christianity after Ejiofor, who had described himself as a founder of a foundation that cure people had said there was nothing like miracle, stressing that pastors, especially Prophet Fufeyin only perform fake miracles.
Prophet Onyebuchi said he was disappointed with the messages Ejiofor had sent across to people on Whatapp application, which he received, adding that being of the same Igbo origin it was necessary to urge Ejiofor to desist from deliberate blackmail of a man of God who has been giving to humanity.
“What you are planning is evil and it is not good. Why are you gathering people and advising them to lie. I won’t be part of that lie, you need to stop now or the anger of God will catch up with you,” Onyebuchi said.
He added Ejiofor went too far and have crossed his boundaries with the threat to the life of Fufeyin and the threat of closing down or burning down Fufeyin’s church in warri. Lying, and manipulating others to threaten and blacklist prophet Jeremiah is not only evil but condemnable. 
“If you are in need of help, go to the man of God to help you. Don’t blackmail him, his name and his church, look at how you've disgrace yourself” Onyebuchi warned.
The audio with Mathias Ezeaku Ejiofo voice telling people to lie about their location and coming out to threaten Fufeyin is manipulative, criminal, defamatory and Rob Matthias supposed reputation on the mud.

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