Music Album :- Firoxs Fizzy - Definition of Gangster (EP)

Hiphop music star Firoxs Fizzy surfaces with a great body of work titled Definition Of Gangster’ The EP. In His Words: This truly is the definition of gangster from my own view, I wrote these songs with pains, tears, and tribulations that i witnessed in the process of trying to be a better man. Man, I’m proud of myself, and all I wanna say is thank you to My Brother Linkon, My Mom , My Dad, My sisters and my producers, indeed is a blessing having you guys in my life and special thanks to my fans you guys are amazing, Appreciate everyone and I love y’all so much. Enjoy! Track List:- 1. Firoxs Fizzy    -     Definition of Gangster [audio mp3=""][/audio] 2. Firoxs Fizzy    -     YaYaYo [audio mp3=""][/audio] 3. Firoxs Fizzy    -     Racks on you [audio mp3=""][/audio] 4. Firoxs Fizzy     -    Young and Dumb [audio mp3=""][/audio] 5. Firoxs Fizzy    -    Life Dey test me [audio mp3=""][/audio] 6. Firoxs Fizzy    -    Life Shit [audio mp3=""][/audio] 7. Firoxs Fizzy    -   Weed system [audio mp3=""][/audio]

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