My parents never wanted me to be a make up artiste – Precious Osas Osagiede


It’s is no longer news that the Nigeria music industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the world right now, and Afrobeat has gained a worldwide recognition and acceptance with several afrobeat songs topping different music chart all across the world and breaking boundaries.

Major international labels like Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music and more are coming into the scene and Nigeria artiste are receiving different international awards even Grammies. What a time to be a Nigerian and an Artiste.

But what is an afrobeat song without the videos? While most of the credit is given to the artists for their performances, the music video directors and crew who provide the world viewers a visual representation of Afrobeats are frequently overlooked as unsung heroes of the visuals. Many music videos wouldn’t be so good without the crew. With the make up artiste playing a major role for the artiste and vixens look. How beautiful and handsome artiste and vixens look is all determined by the make up artiste. Without them videos wouldn’t be as crispy as they are.

Precious Osas Osagiede is one of the unsung hero’s behind the crispy looks of most afrobeat music videos. The Edo born make up artiste who developed love for make up since secondary school is regarded as one of the best make up artiste in the Nigerian music video scene. She’s worked with A list artiste and music video directors in the music industry.

But it wasn’t alway rosy for the edo born make up artiste as her own parents were never in support of her career choice.

As Precious would recall it was never out of wickedness of cruelty, but it was out of love as her parents feels a make up career can’t earn her a good life , so the wanted her to study to be a lawyer or doctor as they see that as a more suitable career that can secure her future.

As the Nigeria music industry grows bigger, artists now pay music video directors from N3 million to N50million for a music video shoot, and these directors in turn pays the professional crew members well too as they are compensated generously for their contributions to visuals of the music.

According to Precious Osas Osagiede she earns as much as 300k for a music video shoot, depending on how big the shoot is. Todays she is the bread winner of her family and her parents are very proud of her and the decision she took to stick to the career she believed in. Precious recently opened her own make up studio in Lekki earlier in July. As the Nigeria music scene continues to grow, we say a very big thank you to all the unsung hero’s like Precious who makes this possible and place the country on the map.

By Gabriel Olawale

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