[Music] E.m.G - The old us


The well known song writer, singer from Kaduna E.m.G made an amazing single called "The Old Us" This is a latter to a 17 years old girl that lost both her parents when she was young but had her big brother to take care of her. He did the best he could they were not rich but he tried his best for the both of them to have a comfortable life,

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 they were very close and she loves her brother alot but things start to change when she turned 16 she start to live a different life with some of her school friends which gradually make her forget the value of family and focus more on drugs, she do smoke and drink alcohol alot which is ruining her but all her brother want is for the both of them to go back to what they used to be, all he wants is for her to be the girl he raised and lived with for years....


E.m.G - The old us

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