E! NEWS || OSUN INDIGENOUS PERFORMING HIP HOP ARTISTS ASSOCIATION (OIPHAA) Released Her Terms To General Public In Her First General Meeting Held Last Sunday.

 OSUN INDIGENOUS PERFORMING HIP HOP ARTISTS ASSOCIATION (OIPHAA) held her first general meeting last Sunday, 28th of May, 2023 at "Abe Igi Anu", Agunbelewo Area, Ifon-Ilobu Road, Osogbo, Osun State.

Aims and Objectives of this superb body was revealed to all member which is what all the artist in the state have been clamoring for and they were stated as following;

1. All OIPHAA's Are Entitled To State or Private Endorsement & Billboard Placement.

2. All OIPHAA's Are Entitled To Pay Show (No Free Show Performances Again).

3. All OIPHAA's Artists Have Backbone Aggressive Support From All Members At The New Song Drop For A Whole Two Weeks Nonstop.

4. All OIPHAA's Are Enjoyed Song Submission To The State DJs & MCs Association.

5. All OIPHAA's Are Entitled To A Valid Identification Card Recognized By Police & Every Law Enforcement Within & Outside The State.

6. It Will Be Hard For All Non Registered Artists To Perform In Any Show or Appearing On Any Show Poster Whatsoever It May Be Any Longer.

These stated above and some others keeping away for now will be facing terms to all.

ready to attend next meeting coming up this coming sunday while we update you with the venue in the subsequent updates.

Thank you.

OIPHAATalent, Fame & Riches.

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