PHOTOS: Cake Business Owner in Abuja Embroiled in Scandal Over Controversial Cake Design"


 Ifunanya Nwafor,  the owner of Cakes by Fay Abuja, has found herself at the center of a scandal after a controversial cake design she created for a client went viral on social media. The cake in question featured a lifelike edible replica of a nude male torso, complete with sculpted abs and anatomically correct details.

While some praised Nwafor impressive sculpting skills, many others criticized the cake as inappropriate and offensive. The controversy quickly spread online, with hashtags like #CancelCakesByFay trending on Twitter and Instagram.

Nwafor initially defended the cake, saying that it was simply a creative challenge and that she had made similar designs in the past without issue. However, as the backlash intensified, she eventually issued a public apology and removed the offending cake from her website and social media accounts.

The scandal has caused a significant drop in business for Cakes by Fay Abuja, with many former customers expressing disappointment and boycotting the business altogether. Nwafor has since announced that she will be taking a break from the cake industry to focus on her music and art projects.

Despite the controversy, Nwafor remains confident in her abilities as a cake artist and hopes to someday return to the industry with more thoughtful and sensitive designs.


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