Super Achiever Foundation Partners with Qubes Magazine to Amplify Media Presence for Awardees

[lagos, Nigeria, 26th May 2023] - Super Achiever Foundation, a renowned organization dedicated to recognizing exceptional individuals, is pleased to announce its partnership with Qubes Magazine, a prominent media platform. This collaboration aims to provide unprecedented media exposure for the awardees as the Super Achiever Foundation launches and honours over 200 outstanding professionals in the business sector.

Tolu Adebayo, the lead coach of the Super Achiever Foundation, expressed excitement about this new partnership in a recent press release. The awardees will now have the opportunity to benefit from an exceptional media presence, showcasing their remarkable achievements to a wider audience.

In a conversation with Onyido Okwudili at Qubes Magazine, the publication expressed their commitment to support the Super Achiever Foundation's launch. They also highlighted the participation of the Nigeria Bloggers Forum, a prominent community of influential bloggers, who are eager to contribute to the event's success. The editor stated, "It has been a while since positive news made waves online, and we are thrilled to be part of this movement once again."

Solomon Adewole, the Head of Programmes at the Super Achiever Foundation, shared his enthusiasm for the upcoming event. He emphasized the organization's dedication to honoring these exceptional individuals, citing it as one of their core pillars. Adewole added, "We will spare no effort in celebrating our heroes. Their recognition and support are made possible through generous donations."

Tolu Adebayo, via his Facebook status, expressed gratitude to Qubes Magazine and the members of the Bloggers Forum for their willingness to collaborate. He wrote, "Thank you to Qubes Magazine and all the members of the Bloggers Forum who are ready to join us in this endeavor. We acknowledge that this achievement is only possible with divine intervention."

The Super Achiever Foundation is set to be launched on the 22nd of July, 2023, through various online platforms. This decision is in line with current travel restrictions in Nigeria, emphasizing the organization's commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of all participants.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Tolu Adebayo

Lead Coach,

The Super Achiever Foundation,

[email protected]
[08153313359, 08104870657]

About Super Achiever Foundation:

Super Achiever Foundation is a prestigious organization dedicated to recognizing and honoring exceptional individuals in various sectors. Through their initiatives, they aim to inspire and celebrate excellence, fostering a positive impact in society.

About Qubes Magazine:

Qubes Magazine is a renowned media platform that brings captivating stories, insightful articles, and engaging content to its wide readership. With a focus on positivity and inspiration, Qubes Magazine strives to promote outstanding achievements and create a platform for meaningful conversations.

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