Giant F. Ventures Capital to Host First-of-its-kind ‘Virtual Hedge Funds Summit’ in Africa


CEO – Mr Paz Majano Sanchez

As the Investment space hit new grounds, especially at a period that the world is flexing into Digi-economy. Hedge funds is one of numerous possibilities that is fast piercing into the capital market. It is a partnership of private investors whose money is managed by professional fund managers who use a wide range of strategies to earn attractive returns for their investors.

In a bid to Reshaping the Hedge Funds industry across Africa, Giant Venture Capital will be hosting the first-of-its-kind Virtual Hedge fund summit in Africa titled “AFRICA AT YOUR DOORSTEP”. The event would be graced by top Industry stakeholders, renowned investors, Financial policy makers, and p

President - Mr Francisco Sarabia

President – Mr Francisco Sarabia

Giant F. Ventures Capital is a American-based Hedge Funds Investment Company with principal Protection Policy or Programme (PPP) AKA Investment Insurance. The prime value of the Company is to provide investors with attractive profitability and growth opportunities at the same time. Giant Venture F. Capital has it offices in Beverly Hills, Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, and Atlanta.

According to the Company’s Africa Representative, Julie (Ladycoin) confirmed that the Africa Hedge Funds Virtual Summit is a new transition for the market.

Julie (Ladycoin)

Julie (Ladycoin)

“We are very well aware of the possibilities that comes from this. It is a moment to invests in a diverse range of exciting investment opportunities that exist across Africa. So we focused in creating vitality that the market needs. Our Company’s CEO – Mr Paz Majano Sanchez and President – Mr Francisco Sarabia has set the pace in the United States.”

She also remarked how Africa can be leaders in the Investment Market.

“At Giant Venture Capital, We’re very focused on protecting client capital, and we are doing it with aggression so we can redeploy capital into the market. For us, Hedge Funds in Africa is currently taking a new dynamics. That is why are are hosting Africa At Your Doorstep Virtual Hedge Funds Summit. We see it as opportunities in institutionalizing the digital frontier. We will be releasing further information about the summits. We have some Global Market Stakeholders in the summit as keynote speakers. I am sure it will be a wonderful and gainful experience.”, Julie (Ladycoin) concluded

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